1. Sidewall Conveyor Belt

      Compared to the similar conveyer belts made with gluing rather than two times of vulcanization, our sidewall conveyor belt has higher bond strength and better flexibility.

    1. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

      Domestic dedicated high temperature resistant canvas or steel mesh are used as the carcass materials. Unique formula design solves the problems such as high saturability, poor adhesion, low adhesion between layers, etc.

    1. Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

      Nitrile rubber layer resists oil corrosion. We provide rubber layer of different grade oil resistance to suit diverse applications.

    1. Bare Back Conveyor Belt

      All our fabric conveyor belts are light in weight, and they are available in a wide selection of fabric colors, such as brick red, black, etc.

    1. Standard Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

      Zinc coated steel wire rope meets various special requirements. It comes with high flexibility but low elongation, and can tightly bonded with core rubber to form anti-corrosion protective layer.

    1. PVG/PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

      The solid woven PVC conveyor belt is applicable for dry working conditions and tilt angle of below 16°. Differently, PVG conveyor belt can be applied to humid working environment.

  • Application
  • We try to produce a series of conveyor belt which can meet unique operating requirements in different industries. Customers can select our products on basis of their actual needs. ...