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CC Conveyor Belt

The CC conveyor belt is mainly made of cotton canvas carcass and a rubber cover. The cotton carcass is woven by cotton or polyester cotton both in warp and in weft.

Our cotton canvas conveyor belt is extensively used to the areas where conveying is essential, for instance, bulk cargo transfer point, steel factory, quarry, coal mine, wood factory, foundry industry, etc. It is a great component for many kinds of material handling equipment, e.g. ship unloaders, refuse disposal device, environmental recovery unit, and many other devices.
Apart from packaged products, the fabric conveyor belt is also suitable for transportation of block, granular, or powder materials in general conditions.
In the thermal environment, this cotton canvas reinforced rubber conveyor belt shows excellent performance. It is good in fatigue resistance, and low in elongation. Consequently, the conveying belt is ideal for the transportation on large slopes.

Features and Advantages
1. This CC conveyor belt features low elongation and good viscosity. It seldom deforms under the condition of high temperature.
2. It is suitable for short distance conveying a small or medium amount of materials.
3. Its performance is better than that of cotton conveyor belt. Our conveyer belt is thinner and lighter. It has been greatly improved in impact property.
4. This range of conveyor belting is diversified in thickness and rubber types. It meets different application environment.

Parameters of CC Conveyor Belt
Fabric Type Fabric Structure Fabric Thickness Tensile Strength (N/mm) Rubber Thickness (mm) WidthRange(mm)
Warp Weft 2 layers 3 layers 4 layers 5 layers 6 layers Upper Rubber Lower Rubber
CC-56 Cotton Cotton 1.1 112 168 224 280 336 2-8 0-4.5 400-2200
TC-70 Polyester-cotton Cotton 1.0 140 210 280 350 420 1.5-8 0-4.5 400-2200
Rubber Performance (German Standard: DIN22102)
Rubber Type Tensile Strength Elongation Abrasion Change Rate of Elongation and Tensile Strength After Aging
MPa % mm3 %
Light Type 15 350 200 -30~+30
10 300 250
Adhesive Strength (German Standard: DIN22102)
Framework Material Bonding Strength Elongation
Between Fabric Layers(N/mm) Between Covering Layer and Fabric Layer (N/mm) Full Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation at Break≥ Full Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation at the Reference Load≤
Covering Layer Thickness≤ Covering Layer Thickness>
Cotton, polyester-cotton canvas ≥2.70 ≥2.4 ≥2.7 10% 4%
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