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NN Conveyor Belt

1. Structure
Middle layer of the NN conveyor belt is nylon canvas.

2. Features
This nylon conveyor belt is thin, but comes with excellent performances including high strength, superior impact resistance, good troughability, high bonding strength, long service life, and so forth. It is extremely suitable for the speedily medium or long distance conveying of heavy loads.

3. Description of NN Conveyor Belt
Wavelike canvas of the multi-layer fabric conveyor belt can effectively absorbs load impact, thus avoiding tearing. Both vulcanized joint and mechanical joints offers good connection effect. To suit different application occasions, we offer a wide range of nylon conveyor belts of different rubber types and rubber thickness.

As a conveyor belting expert in China, we are capable for providing NN conveyer belt of different strength, with the aim to ensure smooth materials conveying in different working conditions. We enjoy an unique advantage in manufacturing high-strength conveyor belt.

Our range of conveyor belting with nylon carcass and rubber cover are applicable for industries such as coal mine, chemical industry, metallurgic industry, constructions, ports, etc. You can use this nylon conveyor belt for wood treatment, wood transportation, refuse treatment, conveyor line, recycling, among others.

4. Specifications of NN Conveyor Belt
Fabric Type Fabric Structure Fabric Code No. of Layers Thickness of Covering Layer
Warp Weft Upper Rubber Layer Lower Rubber Layer
Nylon Canvas Nylon Nylon NN100 3-9 0-10mm 1-10mm
NN300 3-6
NN500 3-5
5. Covering Layer Performance
Item Performance Index
Tensile Strength Mpa≥ 24 18 15
Elongation %≥ 450 400 350
Abrasion mm3 120 100 200
6. Adhesive Strength
Item Between Fabric Layers
Thickness of Rubber Layer Thickness of Rubber Layer>1.5mm
Average Value of All Samples 405 3.2 3.5
Minimum Value among All Samples 3.9 2.4 2.9
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