1. CC Conveyor BeltIn the thermal environment, this cotton canvas reinforced rubber conveyor belt shows excellent performance. It is good in fatigue resistance, and low in elongation. Consequently, the conveying belt is ideal for the transportation on large slopes.
    1. EP Conveyor BeltThe polyester conveyor belt can speed up the conveying speed while reducing the transmission power. In addition, it reduces the pulley diameter. Typically utilized as food conveyor belt and coal conveyor belt, this range of product is also applicable for industries such as mines, power generation, and building materials.
    1. NN Conveyor BeltOur range of conveyor belting with nylon carcass and rubber cover are applicable for industries such as coal mine, chemical industry, metallurgic industry, constructions, ports, etc. You can use this nylon conveyor belt for wood treatment, wood transportation, refuse treatment, conveyor line, recycling, among others.

General Conveyor Belt

The general conveyor belt refers to the most commonly used conveyor belting that is typically made up of multiple layers of fabric carcass and one or more layers of rubber cover.

As a professional belting solutions provider, we can offer different styles of industrial conveyor belts which feature varied structure design and raw material. To illustrate, our conveyer belt for general material handling purpose is available with CC type, EP type, and NN type. Both EP and NN types are higher than CC type in strength. Because of the less expensive raw materials, price of EP type is lower than that of NN type.

1. CC Conveyor Belt: It is a traditional belt suitable for short or medium distance conveying of materials. Made of natural fabric such as cotton fiber, this fabric conveyor belt is light and flexible.
2. EP Conveyor Belt: Featured by high modulus, low elongation, as well as excellent resistance to heat and impact, this series is a great belt conveyor component which supports medium to long distance conveying of heavy loads at a high speed.
3. NN Conveyor Belt: This belting solution is suitable for high speed, medium-long distance conveying of heavy loads. Its characteristics are good flexibility, high strength, superior troughability, low elongation, as well as good shock and flexure resistance.

Type Fabric Model Canvas Layer Rubber Thickness Belt Width Rubber Type
Upper Rubber Layer Lower Rubber Layer
EP EP-100 2-8 layers 1.5-16mm 0-10mm 300-2200mm General Type
Oil Resistant Type
Heat Resistant Type
Abrasion Resistant Type
Cold Resistant Type
Flame Retardant Type
Acid and Alkali Resistant Type
Impact Resistant Type
NN NN-100 2-10 layers 1.5-16mm 0-10mm 500-2200mm
CC CC-56 3-12 3-16mm 0-10 500-1800mm
Executive Standard
Standard Grade Rubber Strength (MPa) Elongation(%) Abrasion (mm3)
CNS S 18 ↑ 450 ↑ 200 ↓
RMA I 17 ↑ 400 ↑ 200 ↓
II 14 ↑ 400 ↑ 250 ↓
BS N 17 ↑ 400 ↑ 200 ↓
M 24 ↑ 450 ↑ 150↓
DIN W 18 ↑ 400 ↑ 90↓
X 25 ↑ 450 ↑ 120↓
Y 20 ↑ 400 ↑ 150↓
Z 15 ↑ 350 ↑ 250 ↓
GBT H 24 ↑ 450 ↑ 120↓
D 18 ↑ 400 ↑ 90↓
L 15 ↑ 400 ↑ 150↓
AS N 18 ↑ 400 ↑ 70 ↓
M 24 ↑ 450 ↑ 120 ↓