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Pipe Conveyor Belt

The pipe conveyor belt is a specially structured conveyer belt that is made with rubber formula. It is a great material handling solution for transporting power, particles, or other substances that will pollute the environment. Specific examples are block or powder coals, minerals, and grains.

As compared with conventional styles of conveyor belting, the pipe conveyor belt effectively overcomes problems such as material spillage, limited angle of inclination, etc. It is the best rubber conveyor belt for totally enclosed conveying to ensure environmental protection.

Our range of pipe conveyor belt is particularly suitable for the following occasions:
A. The slant angle of transportation is below 30°.
B. Strict requirements on environment protection
C. Curving transportation is requirement in three-dimensional space.
D. Reciprocating transportation

Specifications of Pipe Conveyor Belt
Inner Pipe Diameter (mm) Loading Area(m2) Conveying Speed (m/min) Conveying Volume (m3/Hr)
150 0.013 120 95
200 0.024 130 184
250 0.037 140 309
300 0.053 150 477
350 0.072 175 758
400 0.094 200 1131
500 0.147 225 1988
600 0.212 250 2875
700 0.289 275 3931
800 0.377 300 5157

As an industrial conveyor belt manufacturer in China, we can supply not only conveyor belts for general material handling purposes, but also special types of convey belts to handle high demanding applications.

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