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Enclosed Conveyor Belt

When a food conveyor belt, coal conveyor belt, and other styles of open structure conveying belt is utilized for powder material transportation, the dust may get into the conveyor system and cause abrasion to conveyor configuration or parts. In allusion to this problem, we have developed the enclosed conveyor belt, support of which is made of framework material and inlaid steel plate. This enclosed conveying system enhances hardness and makes the covering layer flat all the more. In the process of transit, the enclosed conveyor belt can effectively prevent materials from getting into the environment.

Based on your actual application, you can tell us the specification of enclosed conveyor belt, square steel specification, and space between square steel bars. We'll provide quality enclosed belts that precisely meet your high expectations.

Enclosed Conveyor Belt Structure

1.seal belt       2.fixed side       3.seal belt       4.main conveyor belt

Specifications of Enclosed Conveyor Belt
Enclosed conveyor belting (mm) Square Steel (mm) Space between Square Steel Bars (mm)
800×2 (3+5+3) 5×5×780 50
1000×2 (3+5+3) 5×5×980 50
1200×2 (3+5+3) 5×5×1180 45
1400×2 (4+6+4) 6×6×1370 45
1600×2 (4+6+4) 6×6×1570 45
1800×2 (5+7+5) 7×7×1770 45
2000×2 (5+8+5) 8×8×1970 45
2200×2 (5+9+5) 9×9×2170 45
2400×2 (5+10+5) 10×10×2370 45
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