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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

1. The cold resistant conveyor belt has been treated with special dipping for sizing. High-strength nylon or vinylon/cotton canvas are used as the carcass materials. The conveyor belt cover is made using natural rubber and butadiene rubber, so the cold resistant rubber conveyor belt can be applied to the environment with temperature of zero below 60℃.
2. The cold resistant conveyor belt is available with three strength grades, namely H, D, and L. You can choose different cold resistant belt for different transportations.

Specifications of Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
Item Grade
H (Cutting Resistant) D (Abrasion Resistant) L
Tensile Strength (Mpa or N/mm2) 24.0 18.0 15.0
Elongation at Break (%) 450 400 350
Aging Test
(-70℃, 168 h)
Change Rate of Tensile Strength (%) ± 25 ± 25 ± 25
Change Rate of Elongation (%) ± 25 ± 25 ± 25
Abrasion (mm3) 120 100 200
Cold Resistant Coefficient at Elongate ≥ C1 0.3
C2 0.2
C1: Temperature condition is -45℃~+50℃;
C2: Temperature condition is -60℃~+50℃

Yiheng is a trusted conveying belt manufacturer in China. In addition to cold resistant conveyor belts, we can also supply a wide selection of other special styles of conveyor belting to suit special material handling demands.

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