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Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

The chemical resistant conveyor belt is designed for acid-base working environments, for instance, fertilizer manufacturing factory, sea salt factory, chemical factory, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for fertilizer conveyor belt, salt conveyor belt, etc., then the chemical resistant conveying belt is the ideal one for you.

1. This chemical resistant conveyor belt comes with corrosion resistant covering layer made of rubber and plastic. It is filled with acid and alkali resistant inert materials. Compared to neoprene rubber conveyor belt, it has better acid and alkali resistance.
2. Because of the carcass materials such as nylon or polyester canvas, the industrial belting not only features good flexibility and troughability, but also comes with low elongation.

Physical Performance of Covering Layer (Conditions for Hot Air to Speed Up Aging Test: 70℃×96h)
Item Tensile Strength/Mpa≥ Elongation/%≥ Abrasion/mm³≤ Hardness/(°)+10-5
Performance Before Aging 14.0 400 250 60
Performance After Aging 12.0 340 - 65

Remark: When covering layer thickness is 0.8mmmm-1.6mm, thickness of samples could be the maximum cutting thickness. Under such condition, tensile strength and elongation could be maximally 15% lower than values in the table shown as below.

Chemical Resistance of Covering Layer
Type (Performance before Aging) Soak Solution Concentration Dipping Condition
Temperature ×Time
Change Rate Before/After Dipping
Volume Expansion Ratio Change Rate of Strength
A1 Hydrochloric acid 18% 50℃×96h Below +10% Below -10%
A2 Sulfuric acid 50% 50℃×96h Below +10% Below -10%
A3 Sodium hydroxide 48% 50℃×96h Below +10% Below-10%
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