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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

The oil resistant conveyor belt is a kind of industrial conveyor belting engineered from nitrile rubber. It is customizable to meet different application environment, according to clients' requirements. Its carcass materials are polyester canvas and EP canvas, so the oil and grease resistant conveyor belt is low in volume change rate and high in strength. Compared to other common rubber conveyor belts, this conveying belt has a longer service life as it is perfectly resistant to oil swelling.

Oil swells and corrodes rubber. Our oil resistant conveyor belt is specially designed to solve this problem. It is designed to convey mineral oil, vegetable oil, animal oil, hardware parts, household garbage, etc.

Features and Advantages of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
1. Excellent Oil Resistance
Nitrile rubber layer resists oil corrosion. We provide rubber layer of different grade oil resistance to suit diverse applications.

2. High Adhesive Strength Between Layers
Manufactured with excellent formula, the canvas layer not only comes with excellent oil resistance and high adhesive strength, also it won't be delaminated.

Parameters of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
Rubber Type Test Time Normal Rubber Ordinary Oil Resistant Rubber

Medium Oil Resistant Rubber

High Oil Resistant Rubber

Compound Oil Resistant Rubber
96Hr +70% +43% +29% -8% -8%
168Hr +90% +60% +41% -8% -9%
Test Conditions Test oil: No. 3 Oil (IRM x 903); Test Temperature: 70℃.
Rubber Type Operating Temperature Oil Type
OR101 -22℃ ~ 60℃ Wood oil, frozen food oil, kerosene, etc.
OR102 -22℃ ~ 60℃ Animal oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, etc.
OR103 -22℃ ~ 60℃ Mineral oil, heavy oil, preservative oil, engine oil, animal oil, recycling oil, etc.
OHR/FOER -22℃ ~ 100℃ Asphalt, coal, etc.

As an expert in industrial conveyor belts, we provide a great variety of special conveyor belting to handle the toughest conveying applications.

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