Special Conveyor Belt

    1. Sidewall Conveyor Belt

      Compared to the similar conveyer belts made with gluing rather than two times of vulcanization, our sidewall conveyor belt has higher bond strength and better flexibility.

    1. Abrasion Resistant Conveyor BeltThe carcass of the abrasion resistant conveyor belt is manufactured from nylon canvas, polyester canvas, or steel wire rope. The reinforcement materials come with high adhesion as well as superior resistance to bending and impact. This contributes to the long life time of rubber layer.
    1. Pipe Conveyor Belt It is a great material handling solution for transporting power, particles, or other substances that will pollute the environment. Specific examples are block or powder coals, minerals, and grains.
    1. Enclosed Conveyor Belt Based on your actual application, you can tell us the specification of enclosed conveyor belt, square steel specification, and space between square steel bars. We'll provide quality enclosed belts that precisely meet your high expectations.
    1. Cold Resistant Conveyor BeltThe cold resistant conveyor belt is available with three strength grades, namely H, D, and L. You can choose different cold resistant belt for different transportations.
    1. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

      Domestic dedicated high temperature resistant canvas or steel mesh are used as the carcass materials. Unique formula design solves the problems such as high saturability, poor adhesion, low adhesion between layers, etc.

    1. Chemical Resistant Conveyor BeltBecause of the carcass materials such as nylon or polyester canvas, the industrial belting not only features good flexibility and troughability, but also comes with low elongation.
    1. Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

      Nitrile rubber layer resists oil corrosion. We provide rubber layer of different grade oil resistance to suit diverse applications.

    1. PVC Conveyor BeltConnection method of this range of plastic conveyor belt is international standard tooth shaped joint which allows for good lateral stability. The PVC conveyor belting is suitable for all kinds of complicated environment.
    1. Bare Back Conveyor Belt

      All our fabric conveyor belts are light in weight, and they are available in a wide selection of fabric colors, such as brick red, black, etc.

    1. Impression Conveyor BeltThe user can choose a suitable one according to the actual application. We provide impression conveyor belt available with width range of 48" ~ 80" and tensile strength of 100~200KN.
    1. Rough Top Conveyor BeltThe rough top conveyor belt offers numerous flexible gripping fingers for holding packed products or units being carried up or down. Various colors are for your choice. The width of the conveyor belting ranges from 300~1800mm.