1. Fire Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt After the aging test, average bond strength of steel wire rope is no less than 85% of that before aging test. The average bond strength between covering layer and bonding layer is ≥10KN/m.
    1. Ripstop Steel Cord Conveyor BeltSteel mesh and fabric mesh are optional. The steel one has the tearing strength of 125~800N/mm, while the fabric one comes with tearing strength of 50~80N/mm.
    1. Standard Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

      Zinc coated steel wire rope meets various special requirements. It comes with high flexibility but low elongation, and can tightly bonded with core rubber to form anti-corrosion protective layer.


Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

The steel cord conveyor belt is actually a kind of steel wire reinforced rubber conveyor belt. As an industrial conveyor belt manufacturer and supplier, we are able to supply different styles of steel core belts, including flame resistant conveyor belt, ripstop conveyor belt, and standard conveyor belting with steel cord reinforcement.