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Standard Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Structure and Features
1. The standard fire resistant conveyor belt is a kind of fabric conveyor belt which is comprised of kiss-coating cotton, nylon, or polyester canvas as well as inflammable rubber layers. It is manufactured by processes including kiss-coating rolling, forming, vulcanization, etc.

2. The flame resistant conveyor belt is characterized by good flexibility, troughability, and superior impact, fire, and static resistance. It helps avoid fire accident and fire spread.

3. Its high strength is beneficial for large scale intensified transportation system.

4. This conveyor belting meets the GB10822-89 standard for General Purpose Fire resistant Conveyor Belts.

Our standard fire resistant conveyor belt is mainly used for flammable materials or used to flammable places, e.g. coal field, thermal power plant, etc. If you need conveying belts for places where safety is of paramount importance, then this range of fire resistant belt is the best choice foe you.

Performance of Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt
Item Performance Index
Full Thickness Tensile Strength (N/mm) 200~350
Longitudinal Elongation at Break (%) ≥10
Elongation at the Reference Load (%) ≤4
Flame Retardant Property Combustion Average combustion time of full thickness sample is ≤ 60s. No afterburning appears when away from flame.
Conductivity ≤3×108Ω
Roller Friction ≤325℃
Abrasion (mm3) ≤150
Bonding Strength
Fabric Model Item Between Layers Between Rubber and Layer
Rubber Thickness≤1.50mm Rubber Thickness>1.50mm
CC56, TC70 Average Value of Longitudinal Test Piece≥ 2.70 2.40 2.70
Minimum Value of Longitudinal Test Piece 2.0 1.60 2.2
EP, NN Average Value of Longitudinal Test Piece≥ 5.0 3.50 3.90
Minimum Value of Longitudinal Test Piece 3.90 2.40 2.90
Remark: The maximum value of all samples is no more than 20N/mm.

Yiheng is an industrial belting solutions provider based in China. In order to suit specific application demands, we supply not only fire resistant conveyer belts, but also many other styles of rubber conveyor belts.

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