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Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Available fabric types of rough top conveyor belt are EP(Polyester/Nylon), NN(Nylon/Nylon), and EE(Polyester/Polyester). This range of conveyer belt comes with tensile strength from 100kg/cm to 200kg/cm. With good frictional force, it is suited to be installed on conveyors with inclination of 10°-40°, so as to convey packed products of smooth surface.

The rough top conveyor belt offers numerous flexible gripping fingers for holding packed products or units being carried up or down. Various colors are for your choice. The width of the conveyor belting ranges from 300~1800mm.

Our rough top conveyor belt applies the special surface design to generate the relief effect, which will help absorb any vibrations and impacts exerted on the materials conveyed while preventing the material from slipping.

1.Surface With Decorative Design      2.Bare Surface      3.Lower Rubber Surface

Parameters of Rough Top Conveyor Belt
Type of Fabric Strength (kg/cm) Color Width (mm) Fabric Layers Specification
EP(Polyester/Nylon) 100 Black 300~1800 1p ~ 4p R.T. x Bare
NN(Nylon/Nylon) 125 Beige     R.T. x 1.5mm
EE(Polyester/Polyester) 135 Green     R.T. x 1.6mm
  150 Blue     R.T. x 2.0mm
  160 Brown     R.T. x Rubber
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