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Chevron Conveyor Belt

The chevron conveyor belt has decorative design on its rubber surface. The pattern size varies according to the conveying inclination and materials to be conveyed. Generally, it has open V shape, closed V shape, L shape, H shape, linen finish, etc. Also, as a conveyer belt expert in China, we can also supply chevron conveyor belts with bespoke patterns.

Our chevron conveyor belting is best suited to 0° to 40° conveying of power, particles, or block materials. It offers high-efficient conveying without materials slipping. We can provide different pattern conveyor belts to meet different clients' application demands. The width range is from 500-1600mm.

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1.Pattern Style
2.Number 3.Pattern Width
4.Pattern Space
5.Pattern Height
6.Pattern Upper Base
8.Width Rang
10.Open V shape
11.Enclosed V shape
12.H Series Pattern
13.L Series Pattern
14.Herringbone Pattern
15.Concave Type Pattern
16.A Shaped Pattern
17.B series Pattern
18.Pattern with Small Flowers
19.Pattern with Small Circles

Precaution for Use
When using the chevron conveyor belt, prevent the roller from being covered by materials. Once the roller is covered, ineffective rotary will resulted in. Lubricate the moveable part of conveyor belt, but do not pollute the conveyor belt with oil. Avoid the load start-up. Take steps to solve belts' off-tracking. Use artificial fiber to timely repair the broken part. Protect the conveying belt from being hindered by the rack, support, or block materials, so as to avoid the possible tearing.

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