1. Standard Rubber SheetThis rubber product is widely used to industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, building floors, etc. It is your great choice if you are looking for rubber sheets to serve as rubber flooring, rubber matting, rubber countertop, etc.
    1. Special Rubber SheetThe silicone rubber sheet is a great material for making rubber gasket, partition, and sealing washer, because of its superior heat insulation, electrical insulation and flame retardant properties.
    1. Advanced Rubber Sheet This compounded rubber sheet has good electric polarity, so it can eliminate electrostatic interference. It is widely applied to electronics, textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, as well as other high requirements area.
    1. Livestock Rubber Matting The rubber matting for livestock not only has higher hardness, but also comes with better resistance to abrasion and compression. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Rubber Sheet

We can manufacture a rubber sheet with materials and color that that you desire. You just need to tell us your idea or send us your product design, we'll surely deliver high quality rubber sheet in the shortest period. Our company provide you with satisfactory service.

Our rubber sheeting is available with four colors, i.e. black, white, green, and red. It can be made of silicone, fluorine, neoprene, EPDM, etc. We also provide you with many new types rubber sheets such as black and green compounded type, cloth inserted type, orange peel type, connection type for agricultural use, and connection type rubber plate with willow leaf pattern. We have livestock rubber matting for you to choose. Recommended ones are rubber cow mats, non-slip mat, rubber mats with diamond patterns, and rubber plates with I shaped patterns.

The rubber sheet is widely applied to industrial and mining enterprises, animal husbandry, transportation department, etc. It serves as silicone seal, rubber mat, seals for doors & windows, workbench laying, and floor. Since it is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and impact, our range of rubber sheet is also extensively applied to protect equipment and parts. In the water treatment system as well as desulfurization system of thermal power plant, it is used for preventing corrosion. Its chief use is to prevent abrasion and impact in the mining industry.