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Conveyor Belt Applications

Conveyor Belt for Mines, Gravel Pits and Cement Plants
A large majority of clients come from mines, gravel pits, and cement plants. Considering the transport of powder and massive materials, they demand industrial conveyor belts and mining conveyor belts that must be marked by high wear resistance and convenient transportation.

Conveyor Belt for Steel and Chemical Industries
In both steel and chemical industries, a conveyor belt is required to give strong resistance to heat, fire and corrosion. It is basically used for transporting various types of loose-packed chemicals and petroleum products. These products result in a fire risk. Then, the conveyor belt needs to have an ultra high demand for its safety performance.

Conveyor Belt for Coal Mines
As the raw material in a global industry, plenty of minerals are obtained from opencast mining. When coal mines are transported, a conveyor belt must offer anti-shock and anti-tear performance to bear high impact produced in the primary process. Additionally, the mining conveyor belt should give high abrasion resistance to fast transport thousands of tons of coal per hour.

Conveyor Belt for Food Industry
As the society develops, food safety receives increasing attention. There is also an increasingly stringent requirement for producing transport tools in food industry. Our food conveyor belt is made of non-toxic and odorless materials, and its surface is smooth. This conveyor belting is ideal for transporting food, raw-food materials, and more.