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After-sales Service
All our rubber and PVC conveyor belting products are designed and made in accordance with the Chinese standard, industry standard, or other national standards specified by customers. Its specifications, quality and performance fully comply with contract requirements. In addition, our conveyor belts can offer outstanding performance during the service life cycle, under condition of accurate installation, normal operation, and correct maintenance. If the design, technique or other factors cause a quality problem during the warranty period, our company will take the responsibility of maintaining or replacing our conveyor belt for free.

1. Quality Assurance
The quality of our range of conveyor belting is usually guaranteed for a period of 12 months. The guarantee period of a special conveyor belt depends on practical applications. Even if the quality assurance cycle is over, our company will still provide a full tracking service within the whole service life of our conveyor belt. In addition, we will visit our customers at regular intervals, and also provide a variety of technical services in time.

2. Technical Service Tenet
We can help customers choose the most suitable rubber conveyor belt. Our technical service personnel have over 5 years of industry experience. We know which production procedure should be controlled, or which process may easily cause a problem. Therefore, we are more professional than other trading companies. In other words, we can offer more superior quality of products to fully satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Details of Our Technical Service
1. We provide customers with various services including the conveyer belt design, model selection, technical consultation, technical training, technical guidance, sample inspection, and the repair services, etc.

2. We have established a customer database. In addition, we visit our clients once a month within half a year, or once every three months within more than half a year. For better serving our clientele, we undertake to monitor the quality of our conveyor belt when being used.

3. If any problem occurs during the quality assurance cycle or the whole service life of a conveyor belt, our technical service center will give the client a satisfactory solution within 24-48 hours after we receive his phone call.